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Please read the information below

  • You should read the attached 16-19 Bursary Fund Guidelines to make sure you are eligible to apply.
  • Please ensure that all sections of this form are fully completed and that the relevant evidence is provided at the time of submission as we are unable to process incomplete forms.
  • The funds awarded may vary according to your financial circumstances.
  • The bursary funds are limited so we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide you with all the financial support you request.
  • Payments of all bursaries are dependent upon your attendance, behaviour, and commitment to your course, with no unauthorised absence or lateness.

Section 1 - Personal Details

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Section 2 - Education

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Section 3 - Travel

Please tell us how you intend to travel to/from your place of study. Tick all boxes that apply:-

Section 4 - Nationality

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What is your Nationality?*
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You will only need to complete this if you answer "Other" to the question on Nationality. Please enclose evidence with your application.
Have you been a resident in the UK OR EU/EEA for the last 3 years?*

Section 5 - Bursary Fund Levels

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Bursary Fund Level*

Section 6 - Bank Account Details

Please fill in this section carefully and ensure the information you provide to us is accurate. We will normally pay you by BACS directly into your Bank Account. For that reason you must have a bank account in your name.

Please note: Payment will be transferred weekly to the Student's bank account via BACS upon authorisation that the student has satisfied all attendance and behaviour requirements. These payments will be made in arrears and there may be delays where there is a query relating to attendance.

Section 7 - Required Financial Evidence

Evidence should be dated within 3 months of the application. Household Income will relate to the Student and their family members with whom they reside.

Please provide Tax Credits Award or Universal Credit Award Notification covering the April 2018/April 2019 Tax Year or: Evidence of household income showing who lives in the house and their related incomes. This may be Council Tax, Housing Benefit evidence along with proof of low income such as:-

Income based Benefit Award letter (Income Support, JSA, ESA no more than 3 months old).

Bank statement no more than 3 months old showing income based benefits or 3 months recent wage slips and P60 for all householders with Working tax credit evidence.

Please note that we cannot process your application without the required evidence.

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Max. file size: 64 MB.

    Section 8 - Student Declaration

    This declaration must be signed by all Students.

    I certify that the information given in this application is true and accurate.

    I accept that if I have intentionally given incorrect, misleading information that I may be liable to repay any amount paid to me or on my behalf in full immediately.

    I understand that it is my responsibility to inform NTG of any changes to my financial circumstances in writing without delay.

    Please note that giving false information which leads to incorrect, or overpayment may result in the stoppage of future bursary payments and recovery of monies already paid.

    I understand that payments may be delayed or stopped if I do not maintain the minimum NTG requirement of attendance (90%+) and good behaviour during the period of my course.

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